Asmeta Editor

A graphical front-end called Asmee (ASM Eclipse Environment) which allows to edit and manipulate AsmM models. This environment is implemented as an eclipse plug-in.

How to install Asmee


You need the last version of eclipse.

Update site

The update site for Asmee is Perform the following steps to install Asmee from the update site:

1. From your Eclipse menu select Help Software Updates Find and Install...

2. Check Search for new features and press Next.

3. Press New Remote Site... and enter for the update site URL

4. Press Finish.

5. Select Asmeta Editor.

6. Follow the steps in the installation wizard.

How to use Asmee

After you have installed the Asmee plugin, you will have in eclipse the following features:

  • a wizard to create a new AsmetaL file: go to File->new File-> Other -> AmsetaL new File. It creates a new file. Note that the name of the asm and of the file must be the same. You probably will need also the standard library, that you can download from StandardLibrary.asm.
  • synthax hightlighting (you can change the colors in the preferences: go to Window -> Preferences -> Asmeta -> Asmee)

You can perform the following actions to simulate an AsmetaL specification:

  • check your AsmetaL specification
  • run step by step interactively
  • run taking random inputs
  • press in the console to stop the simulation (press twice to abort)

Some execution options can be selected in the preferences (Window -> Preferences -> Asmeta -> Asmee):

  • check the invariants during the simulation
  • stop the simulation when the update set is empty
  • stop the simulation when the update set is trivial


The software will be released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) with some modifications (to allow the use of the JMIs and other libraries).
For precise information about licensing click here.