Asmeta Simulator

An ASM simulator to make AsmM models executable. Essentially, it is an interpreter which navigates through the MOF repository where ASM models are instantiated (as instances of the AsmM metamodel) to make its computations.

The simulator can be used either emebedded in asmee or as standalone program.


Download the interpreter: AsmetaS.jar

How to run

To run the ASM simulator - in brief

java -jar AsmetaS.jar <filename>

Usage  with options

To run the simulator with the asm file filename:

java -jar AsmetaS.jar <filename>

To simulate with a fixed number of steps (for example 3):

java -jar AsmetaS.jar -n 3 <filename>

To simulate util the update set becomes empty:

java -jar AsmetaS.jar -n ? <filename>

For a brief guide about how to use and extend AsmetaS, see AsmetaS_quickguide_it.pdf (only in Italian)