Asmeta Papers written by others

Other people using Asmeta

  • Roxana-Maria Holom from SCCH used ASMETA in her PhD thesis for modeling and analyzing cloud systems:
    Arcaini, Holom, Riccobene. ASM-based formal design of an adaptivity component for a Cloud system in Formal Aspects of Computing, 2016 doi
    P. Arcaini, R.M. Holom, E. Riccobene. Modeling and Formal Analysis of a Client-Server Application for Cloud Services in Proceedings of WS-FM 2014 doi

  • Vahid Rafe, Saeed Doostali. ASM2Bogor: An approach for verification of models specified through Asmeta language. Journal of Visual Languages & Computing, 23(5), 287-298. doi

  • Yahya Asadollahia, Vahid Rafe, Samaneh Asadollahic and Somayeh Assadollahia, from University-Malayer Branch, Arak University, and Islamic Azad University used Asmeta as formal framework for event systems. See A formal framework to model and validate event-based software architecture, Procedia Computer Science, Volume 3, 2011, Pages 961-966 World Conference on Information Technology, doi

  • Saeed Doostali. An Efficient Solution for Model Checking Abstract State Machine Using Bogor. arXiv:1404.2155 link

  • Osama Alkrarha, and Jameleddine Hassine. MuAsmetaL: An Experimental Mutation System for AsmetaL. In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Information Technology - New Generations (ITNG ‘15). doi

  • Clayton Vieira Fraga Filho, M.Sc. Software Engineering Researcher, Brazil. Federal University of Viçosa
    Clayton is using (and improving) AsmetaL/AsmetaS with software process simulation models.