Asmeta Open issues and tasks


  • porting of the AsmM to EMF - DONE
  • porting to Rational tools or Papyrus from Poseidon: initial investigation shows that MOF under rational is not well supported
  • integration of the OCL constraints with the metamodel


  • Make the link between Term and its type optional, to allow rapid prototyping without type annotations


  • allow the definition over concrete domains (for example domain Cluster subsetof Prod(Integer,Integer), definition a a function from Cluster -> Integer) (0.9.2)
  • put the StandardLibrary.asm in a "standard" position to allow the import without having the actual StandardLibrary in the project


  • allow expressions like choose x in Integer with 0< x to be interpreted (maybe use of constraint solvers?)
  • define a random environment for validation against the axiom (available in Asmee)

Asmeta tool set

  • build a visual editor using the eclipse GMF/GME


  • random simulation (0.9.2)
  • known bug: if you have the C++ callisto plugin installed, the asm files are associated to the assembler editor

  • Done, part of this release.
  • Just has to be done, will be available in one of the next releases.
  • Needs some investigation whether it makes sense to implement this feature or how to implement it.